Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So Behind!

What a summer! Full of ups and downs but I am so ready for fall! The holidays are right around the corner and the season is picking up! Soooo what's been going on with me since May.....Let's see...

Well summer started with the awesome trip to Antelope canyon as seen in my previous post. July came around and I went home to NY for 10 days...boy what a time! I got so lucky with some beautiful weather and got to spend some quality time with family and friends!

SuperBall IX with my best friend! Awesome!
Watkins Glen State Park (LOVE!!)

Monsoon storm in August

Summer turned out pretty awesome. August in Phoenix turned out to be brutal and I was super ready for a break in the heat.  This month I went back east yet again for an unexpected last minute trip. Sadly, my grandmother passed away and I went to be with my family. I was really glad I was able lucky. I really love my family and the Lemon's do it right :)

While back I got to enjoy the peak of the fall most favorite time of year. I was happy to get to drive around and enjoy it and yet again I was blessed with some fantastic weather!!

Lovely colors!

Family property...hope it isn't the last I get to spend time there.

Family home since 1953. <3

Again I was so happy to have been able to go back, be with family, and enjoy the scenery...cherished forever.

Now back 'home' in AZ I've finally gotten caught up with things I had planned to do here. Got the house all decorated for Halloween (my favorite!) and now my other job in catering is gearing up for a busy season which is awesome...need it. Also....

It's MYYY birthday!! Today as a matter of fact! :)

It's my little boy's birthday :) He's two today! Exciting. HAPPY FALL!!! xoxo